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What is SUPlebrity

What is SUPlebrity

SUP Fashion SUPlebrity was my idea, to design a new SUP fashion line, with which stand up paddlers can come out like this, without having to use the same, boring SUP Motivs. Motives that are felt in every sport, such as the denigration of Darwin's theory of evolution. Hopefully paddlers will not graduate in the development from the unicellular to the crown of creation. That would be too boring for me. Both from the basic idea, as well as the motive.


Strong Girl SUP Most of what I've seen on shirts, hoodies, caps, etc. I did not find appealing; sometimes even felt stupid. I did not want my favorite sport in such a way.
The saving idea came to me in a documentary about Bruce Lee. After hearing one of his most famous quotes "Be Water, my friend", I asked myself: Would Bruce Lee be a SUPer today? I think so. Like Frankensteins monster, Pippi Longstocking or many others who find themselves in my motives.

In my SUPlebrity series, I bring celebrities (public figures) into a stand up paddling context, for example by completing familiar poses with an orange paddle.
The result is an interesting collection, and I will add new ideas day by day.

Save our environment As a surfer, our environment is especially important to me. So I decided to only produce on demand. That means I have no motives pre-produced and stored, but produce immediately, as soon as I receive an order. That's one way how I protect the environment. In addition, all products are produced exclusively on ecologically certified materials, if possible. Unfortunately, my SUP yoga pants are an exception, but at least I found a producer that produces the poly fibers as ecologically as possible (with regenerative energy, recycled plastic, etc.).

Whenever I think of a motive, I try to implement it. Often I only realize in the creative process that it does not work and then set it aside with a heavy heart. Each motive is therefore an artistic process. Everything is done by hand and takes time, freedom, love and spirit. As well as surfing.